Wooden salt shaker and pepper grinder - NATUR

Wooden salt shaker and pepper grinder - NATUR

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NATUR saltshaker and pepper grinder

Inspired by Scandinavian trends, we decided to create Natur accessories set, that reflect lifestyle according to nature. This stream appears in Polish houses more and more often thanks to Scandinavian trends, that achieved exceptional success in Poland and worldwide. Danish hygge and Swedish lagom since 2016 is not only a fashion, but also a lifestyle chosen by a significant number of young Poles. More and more people reach for subtle and natural accessories. Wooden accessories that are safe and  warm up the interior by giving them character - are a hit and perfect completion of each kitchen.

Detailed description:

Natur saltshaker and pepper grinder are made of exotic teak tree distinguished by high level of oil substances and silicone acid, which makes it water resistant and resistant to harmful substances. Medium hard wood enables easier processing and the beautiful coloring and grain give the finished products an effective look.

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