Wedding presents

Wedding presents

Attending the friends’ wedding, we want our gifts to be useful and attractive for the happy couple. Very often we prefer not to risk and simply hand out an envelope with money so that the wife and husband decide themselves what is most needed for them. We encourage you to spend some time and find a gift that will not only be pretty and associated with this unique celebration but will also prove to be functional and useful every single day. Below there is the list of Gerlach products that are perfect for an original wedding gift.

An elegant wedding gift - a set of Retro cutlery in a wooden case

At the beginning of the new life of the newlyweds, they will certainly face the challenge of furnishing and decorating an apartment. A set of high quality cutlery is a must-have in every home. The daily breakfast, romantic dinner for two, a family party or a festive dinner cannot do without them. The design of the Retro line is characterized by prestigious look, and refers to the style of the past years. The set consists, for instance, of a cake spatula, sugar spoon, sauce spoon or salad fork. All elements are helpful in preparing food for ordinary and festive meals.

Not only does a sophisticated wooden case look amazing but also it enables the safe storage of cutlery – they will not be lost or scratched. In addition, the Retro set is dishwasher safe - it has been made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel which has an increased resistance to the occurrence of corrosion. The Retro cutlery has a lifetime warranty which certifies Gerlach's responsibility in creating high quality products.

Sztućce Retro 68 el. w drewnianej skrzyniIn the picture: a set of Retro cutlery

A gift for a couple - a set of Prime pots

Nothing brings people together as much as cooking, especially with the help of functional kitchen appliances that will make the food preparation easier. A set of Prime pots with a lacquered coating is a perfect gift for the bride and groom who appreciate the usefulness and the conscious design of everyday objects. The black color and unique shape of vessels definitely draws attention to itself. This timeless elegance of pots will perfectly harmonize in traditional and modern interiors. No longer will it be necessary to worry about the storage of pots in a small cupboard because they can be put on the kitchen counter as a decorative element of the interior. In addition to its sophisticated style, the Prime line can prove its reliability at every stage of cooking. The high quality 18/10 stainless steel guarantees increased resistance to corrosion, scratching and high temperature. The disc built into the bottom of a pot ensures even heat distribution and energy savings. The Prime line consists of cookware with additives such as an internal measure and large, comfortable handles.

A set of Prime pots

In the picture: a set of Prime pots