Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist

Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist
Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist
Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist

Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist

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Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist


Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist - small but reliable

Thermal mug 0.3 l Assist is the perfect companion for any journey - both on foot and by the car. Its size fits perfectly into a standard car holder or average luggage. Furthermore,  well-thought-out design makes it fit well in the hand. All these characteristics make a thermal mug a perfect element of car equipment or a tourist backpack.


Safe and ease use of the thermal mug 0.3 l Assist

This modern mug has a "Press & drink" system and a special funnel that ensures comfortable opening. Moreover, there is a special button which  prevents accidental opening and ensures its safety. In addition, the cap has an additional seal. Thanks to the double walls and the  vacuum inside the bottle , the user will not get burned, even if there is really hot coffee or tea inside. It is made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, and designed in way that ensures its comfortable and practical use. The mug is durable and has a special black "powder coating", which  protects the product against mechanical damage.

Enjoy a hot or cold drink wherever you want

The thermal mug 0.3 l Assist will not burn hands while holding it, even if a hot drink has just been poured into it. It has double walls which create a vacuum. It prevents the sides from heating up and also keeps the temperature inside very well. Thanks to the mug, you can enjoy hot coffee or tea for 6 hours. The hot day the mug will maintain drinks cool up to 3 hours as well. It is capacity is big  enough that a drink is enough for keep you through  entire morning.

The product does not contain harmful substances such as PTFE and BPA, which make it safe for health and environment.

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