The New Year’s Eve resolutions which help you to keep fit

The New Year’s Eve resolutions which help you to keep fit

As with every new calendar year, we all want to start it right – eat healthy and be fit. The best way of achieving it is by making resolutions. We don’t force you to begin some radical diets which require much self-sacrifice and the total change of your way of living. In future, they will turn out to be inefficient and too difficult for following. We believe that the sensible approach towards a diet, the consciousness of your eating habits and the way how we fight with them, decide about dieting success.

1.    Drink water!

Our body consists of 60-70% of water that is why it is an essential element of a diet. It is claimed that a proper dose of water equals about 1,5-2,5 l per day. Try to drink water during the day as much as it is possible, not only when eating. Remember that besides water there are a plenty of drinks which are tasty and healthy: tea, smoothies, fresh squeezed juice or lemonade. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the sweet flavor of fruits!

2.    Can’t stop thinking about sweets?

Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you must entirely give up buying sweets. You just need to eat them in reasonable quantities and at appropriate time of the day. Eating some squares of chocolate once in a while is ok, but demolishing a bar of chocolate in one evening is definitely not a good idea. Moreover, note that our metabolism works faster in the morning till 12 a.m, so it is easier to burn calories. Try to find a substitute of your favorite sweets which are delicious, but contains vitamins, fructose, fiber and fruit sugar-fresh - dried fruits are a perfect combination. Buy dried apricots, dates, bananas or plums which definitely satisfy your need for something sweet. We recommend also to try easy fruit-filled recipes for desserts which are an excellent proposition for those who get sweet tooth. All kinds of mousses, jams and salads will be worthy of a spot on your plate.

3.    Broccoli, cauliflower and spinach? Yes, please!

It is normal that there are some vegetables which you are not fond of eating. You don’t have to be a fan of Brussels sprouts or cauliflowers. Choose those vegetables which really taste you, find some recipes and cook a delicious and healthy meal. Make your own vegetables menu consisting of your favorite dishes. What is more, raw vegetables are a perfect snack between meals. Take some carrots with you to work, and crunch it when you are hungry. To prepare tasty vegetables snacks, you need a sharp knife. We recommend a vegetables knife Deco Black 4”which allows for precise and comfortable cutting. It also works great when peeling vegetables.

4.    Breakfast without crispy bread and rolls? No problem!

Who does not like to eat crispy, still warm bread straight from the bakery? Obviously, you don’t have to quit eating croissants, bans and baguette completely. Just try to buy it as a reward or treat it as something special, for instance as an element of delicious Sunday breakfast. It is said that eating stale bread is healthier because the starch, which is contained in bread, changes its structure during the storage, what makes it harder to absorb it by our organism. When you visit the bakery, avoid buying white bread and choose a dark one. It is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and it is not so much modified as white bread. To prepare a tasty breakfast or lunch, try a bread knife style 8”. Thanks to its blade with special teeth it is really easy to cut bread.

5.    Discover the power of steaming food

Eating fried beef or pork  and chicken nuggets do not have a good impact on your health. The dishes are extremely calorific and hard to digest.  Change your diet for cooking based on steamed vegetables and meat prepared in a pressure cooker, for example the Gerlach pressure cooker.
The Gerlach pressure cooker is fitted with a handle, internal pressure regulator and a functional opening system. The specificity of steaming in a closed vessel, where there is high temperature and pressure, influences on the quality of cooking because nutrients and minerals are not lost. Don’t forget about eating fish which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower the blood pressure and the level of cholesterol.