The best pots for an induction cooker – which to choose?

The best pots for an induction cooker – which to choose?

Let’s buy the perfect set of pots

When people arrange or renovate a flat, very often they decide to get rid of an old, gas cooker, and buy an induction one. This modern way of cooking allows for energy-efficient,  and safe preparing of meals -the plate of a cooker does not heat up, so you will not get burn yourself by touching it.  An induction cooker is easy in cleaning. The soup which boiled over, does not have a contact with a hot flame, so soup does not burn. In addition, cooking on  an induction cooker is much more faster in comparison to gas or electric stoves. When you have an induction cooker, it is recommended to buy a special set of compatible pots. The construction of a normal pot bottom can be undetected by induction. Hence, the question appears which pots to choose?

Pots for induction cookers – how do they work?

Cookware dedicated for induction has a flat and even bottom which perfectly fits to round induction hobs. Under the ceramic pane of the induction cooktop, there are large, flat coils, which generate fast-changing magnetic field. The cooking zone activates itself after detecting a dish which is made of material reacting to the magnetic field. It is the group of cookware produced of steel or cast iron, so- called ferromagnetics. You don’t have to buy frying pans or pots which are made entirely of those materials – the steel or cast iron bottom of vessels is enough because it has direct contact with cooktop in the process of electromagnetic induction.

Solid pots for induction cookers

Which Gerlach pots are compatible with induction? Gerlach offers steel and aluminum pots with three layer bottom for all kinds of cookers. A thick bottom with built-in aluminum disc allows for even heat distribution, so the prepared meal is cooked perfectly on each side. Most of available models are dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about washing, and soaking dried food rests anymore. Some pots for induction can be also used in ovens, what makes them  versatile vessels, which help in making incredibly tasty meals.