Pots for a gas cooker

Pots for a gas cooker

The majority of pots which we can buy in a shop, will work on a gas cooker, so choosing the proper set probably will not be very problematic. Below we describe some useful criteria when buying new cookware.

One pot or a set of pots?

When you consider buying new pots, firstly think about the number of vessels you need and how big they should be. If you cook just for yourself or for instance you are out of two, small pots, it is better to choose pots for item. However, if you always prepare food for the whole family and the dinner consists of two or three dishes, we recommend buying a whole set of pots. The sets usually include small, middle-size, large pots, saucepan or steamer. It is good to know that the price of a set pays off much more than buying every new pot separately.

The set of Prime pots

In the picture: the Prime set of pots

Aluminum, iron, steel or glass pots?

There is a majority of materials that pots are made of: aluminum, iron, steel and even glass. We particularly recommend 18/10 stainless steel pots which are resistant to scratches and corrosion. They can be used in oven, dishwashers and on all types of cookers. In addition, it is worth investing in vessels that are equipped with a special three-layer bottom that ensures even distribution of heat. When you are in the store, also pay attention to the additives contained in the vessels: an inside measurer for pouring liquids, a cover made of tempered glass, a special funnel and comfortable handles. 

To help you choose the right set of pots, we especially recommend dishes from the Superior line, which meet all the above criteria.