Oak cutting board

Oak cutting board

No matter if you are a professional cook or just a weekend amateur of cooking, a practical and solid cutting board is a must in your kitchen. There are plenty of various models sold in shops – glass, plastic or bamboo. Probably, each of them will help you in cutting, however, nothing can replace a timeless set: an oak cutting board and sharp, steel knives. This basic set will definitely make all cooking works in your kitchen easier.

Oak cutting board – advantages

Cutting boards made of wood are a very practical tool. In your kitchen you should keep at least one cutting board which is made of durable and natural material.  Remember that the best cutting boards are manufactured from cherry, oak, ash tree or teak. Especially, oak wood is used in creating kitchen accessories.

What does influence on such a great popularity of oak cutting boards? Mainly, the popularity is based on its natural properties – the structure of oak boards has an ability for a quick regeneration. It means some small scratches, which appeared after cutting, close up quickly. What is more, oak cutting boards have antiseptic proprieties. They block the penetration of bacteria to our food. If you have a good quality set of knives, you don’t have to worry that a blade would break during the intense cutting. An oak cutting board works great with every type of knife, creating an unbeatable duo!

Oak cutting board – how to care

A good quality oak cutting board can be useful for many years. However, you have to follow some rules to keep a board in a good condition. First of all, do not use cutting boards in a dishwasher. Take delicate cleaning supplies for washing-up to prevent wood from absorbing water and chemicals. After washing-up, wipe a board with a soft cloth to absorb moisture. Next, put some oil on the surface of a board in order to preserve the wood. To disinfect a board, once in a while pour some salt on it and rub it into the board with a half of lemon. After the "peeling", wash and dry a cutting board.