NATUR pot 28 cm

NATUR pot 28 cm
NATUR pot 28 cm
NATUR pot 28 cm
NATUR pot 28 cm

NATUR pot 28 cm

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Natur pots – cookware for demanding users, who value healthy cooking and the environment.

We want to protect the environment around us because nature is important to us. This inspired us to create the Natur collection, which includes frying pans, kitchen knives in blocks, cutting boards, a wooden pepper grinder, a salt shaker and other useful accessories. The line now also includes pots.

The Natur pots are safe for human health and the environment. Apart from being functional, they have a unique design that matches every kitchen interior, both modern and traditional.


Detailed description:

The Natur pots have one of the best ceramic coatings available on the market: Ilag Xera Dur 2 ® Ceramic Non Stick. It consists of two layers: a top layer of Xerogel with a metallic effect and a ceramic-reinforced base layer with Xerogel to prevent cracking. Apart from high resistance to abrasion, the coating has special properties that prevent the food from adhering to the surface and burning. 

The coating is safe for human health – it is free from any dangerous substances, such as PTFE, PFOA, and does not emit toxic vapours when heated. Its finishing layer with Xerogel also reduces heat-induced cracking.

The four-ply bottom with a stainless steel disc has a uniform surface to provide even heat distribution and make cooking easier, quicker and more energy-efficient.

The Natur pots are made with the use of advanced forming technology – Die-Cast. The technology involves injecting metal into the hollow of the mould to produce the final shape. Aluminium formed using this method has the right thickness and density to make the pot resistant to deformation and ensure long-term strength.

The pot has a matching tempered glass lid with silicone rims. High-quality tempered glass is strong and resistant to high temperatures, and its silicone rims guarantee perfect adjustment to the shape of the cookware.

Additionally, there are 2 types of strainers in the lid, which make straining and pouring liquids easier. The pot can be used on all types of stoves: electric, gas, ceramic and induction. Do not wash the pot in a dishwasher. 

NOTE: the specific design of the cookware from the Natur line allows you to use the pots in the oven (without the lid). Remember, however, that the handles will also be hot if you heat the cookware in the oven. That is why you should always use accessories that protect you from burns, e.g. made of silicone or material.

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