It's time to celebrate the Valentine's Day

It's time to celebrate the Valentine's Day

February 14 is a special day connected with love, positive emotions and gifts. Try to make this day unforgettable, full of joy and intimate atmosphere. Below you can find some ideas how spend the Valentine’s Day away from the crowded cinemas and shopping centers which accent just the commercial aspect of the day.


Concentrate on the pleasant beginning of the Valentine’s Day by making delicious breakfast. It would be a marvelous idea to serve food, you don’t have normally time to prepare in the morning – pancakes or waffles. You can also go to the bakery and buy some crispy bread and rolls. To cut it, use a bread knife Loft which guarantees perfect cutting. Not only is the Loft knife functional, but also elegant and stylish. Additionally, for breakfast serve honey, your favorite jam, chocolate crème and aromatic coffee. The perfect capstone of this gorgeous breakfast will be the bouquet of roses, fine tableware and napkins on the table.

The active Valentine’s Day 

If you are afraid of extra kilograms, you can get after the Valentine’s Day, you can think about organizing a sport date. For instance, go for ice-skating or go-carts. Recently, roller-skating rings have become very popular. By the disco music, people skate, dance, laugh and have really good fun! If you prefer quieter way of spending free time, go for a long walk to the forest or park and admire the beautiful winter scenery together with your partner.

A film marathon

Do you like watching films? How about making your own film marathon at home instead of going to the cinema with crowded screening rooms? Choose an interesting movie for both of you and make popcorn (big, colorful popcorn boxes are a must!). Take a saucepan, add popcorn, heat and wait until corn starts to pop. From time to time, shake a pan not to burn seeds. If you would like to serve a really tasty popcorn, add some caramel or chilli. It will be delicious!

A gift for a couple

Instead of buying presents for each other, organize an activity you will do together- cooking, dance classes, or a pleasant, romantic trip. Doing something together is a great alternative for the typical Valentine’s Day gifts, and also an opportunity to be alone, just you and your partner. This extraordinary way of spending this special day will guarantee you unforgettable moments remembered for a long time.

A romantic dinner, and maybe a dessert too?

Cooking brings people together and is a good way to have fun. Instead of going to the restaurant, make a delicious and your favorite meal at home. Elegant tableware, red wine and romantic  music make for a romantic atmosphere. You can also try to prepare a sweet dessert together. Nobody will probably resist from eating a tart with peanut butter, poured with dark chocolate and decorated with crunchy cookies. To make the baking easier, we recommend the NATUR kitchen accessories– especially, a silicone spatula for removing chocolate cream from a bowl.