Is meat good for you?

Is meat good for you?

Meat is an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning of body. In addition, it provides the right amount of iron, and it helps in preventing anemia. Nevertheless, besides those positive aspects, it is true that eating meat, especially red meat, can negatively affect our health and well-being.

Why meat is bad for you?

It has to be said that red meat is harmful for you due to its high cholesterol level which dramatically raises your risk of stroke, heart attacks or colon cancer. In particular, you should avoid buying processed meat such as bacon or sausages. They contain some substances that lead to the destruction of our cells. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that eating great quantity of fatty meat increases the risk of obesity.

However, all these arguments do not mean that we have to stop eating meat at all. The basic mistake made by the average meat consumer is the fact that they eat it too much and too often. Meat has become the basic ingredient in our menu and in most cases it is served every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember that eating meat once or twice a week is fair enough.

What kinds of meat should be avoided in a meal plan?

Don’t buy meat that has already been processed - it usually contains preservatives, large amounts of saturated fat and salt. Products like sausages and ham are the perfect samples of processed meat that may harm your health. Try to prepare sausages and ham at home - only then you are you able to control what you eat.

A meat knifeIn the picture: a Smart Grey knife

How to vary your diet?

The easiest way to vary your diet is to replace meat with other ingredients. Choose vegetables that contain a lot of proteins, for example peas or beans. Try Indian or Asian cuisine - the dishes are strongly seasoned so it is harder for us to notice the lack of meat.

To prepare a dinner based on a well-based diet, try to buy different types of meat. Do not limit your menu just to pork and beef – as we have said: red meat eaten in large quantities can cause harm. There are many types of meat which are available in stores: chicken, turkey, goose or even venery. It is better to choose meat that is more expensive but comes from local suppliers, and it is more valuable. If you serve less meat meals per week, you will be able to afford products with a higher price.