How to use cutlery properly?

How to use cutlery properly?

One of savoir-vivre principles refers to the proper use of cutlery. If you do not want to make any mistakes when eating, it is worth finding out as much as possible about the proper way of using forks, knives and spoons.

The way of laying out the table

When we sit at the table in a restaurant, during a party or family gatherings, we often find it difficult to recognize all types of cutlery. Remember the basic principle that says that we first use cutlery lying outside the plate. The order of arranging the cutlery should be done in accordance with the order of the served dishes. Dessert cutlery is put above the plate, and it is used as the last.

How to use cutlery?

Using a knife and fork does not cause any troubles for most people, however, probably just few of us know that there are three, different ways of eating with the help of the cutlery.

The first way is to hold the fork in your left hand, with its back pointing up. After cutting off a piece of meat, we turn the fork over, and we ​​put potatoes and vegetables with a knife on a fork.

According to the second method, by holding the fork in the left hand with the back pointing up, we can cut a piece of meat with a knife and then turn the fork with the back down, and eat the food. The next step is putting the knife away and placing the fork into your right hand. Food such as vegetables and potatoes are eaten by pricking them on a fork.

The third way is considered to be the most elegant – when cutting a piece of meat, hold a fork with the back pointing up, and when lifting it, the fork is turned over again. It is recommended to eat food one at a time - first meat, then additives.

What is important, when eating dishes with a knife and fork, do not forget that a knife should be used only for cutting meat and as a help in taking small pieces of food, when it is impossible to do it with a fork itself. According to the savoir-vivre rules, it is forbidden to use a knife to divide into smaller portions, e.g. a potato. You can only divide it with a fork. The rule refers also to eating dumplings, pancakes, omelettes and patties. Do not use the knife for cutting vegetables, meatballs and stuffed cabbage. A whole fish eat with a special fish fork and knife.

A set of Onda cutleryIn the picture: a set of Onda cutlery

How to properly hold a spoon?

While eating soup, it is worth remembering that we fill the spoon with about 2/3 of its capacity. While eating, put just the tip of a spoon into the mouth, or up to two thirds of the cup's length.

A few simple rules that help us keep good manners at the table:

  • Do not put down dirty cutlery on the table. Always put them on a plate.
  • Cross a fork and a knife when placing them on the plate during the meal break: a knife with its blade facing to the left side, and a fork with its back pointing down and teeth pointing up.
  • Cutlery for appetizers, soups and desserts should be put on a plate lying underneath the main plate. Remember not to leave a teaspoon in a cup or an ice cream cup.
  • When placing food on a plate, use a spoon or fork that is intended for that purpose. Holding the cutlery, avoid gesticulating and waving hands.
  • If any of cutlery falls down on the floor, ask for the new one.