How to use a steel frying pan?

How to use a steel frying pan?

A steel frying pan is a good example for the presence of large popularity of classic products on the markets. Not only do professional cooks use them, but also cooking amateurs. However, you should remember that steel pans are quite demanding especially in the first few months of their usage. Find out about basic rules of care and frying to prepare meals with pleasure and satisfaction.

Quenching a frying pan

The basic rule to remember when we use a pan for the first time is its proper quenching. It will prepare a pan for frying – food will not stick to the surface. The best way of quenching is to boil a cup of water with potatoes peelings in a pan for 15 minutes. Next, pour water away, remove peelings and wash a pan. As the last step add some oil and fry it for about 5 minutes.

How to use a steel pan?

Thanks to the special construction, a steel pan does not need a high flame as other frying pans. If a pan is hot enough, reduce a flame to prevent a vessel from overheating. When you overheat a pan once, ingredients will burn quicker, and you will need a big amount of oil to avoid sticking of food.

A good solution when frying at high temperatures is to use peanut oil (hot pressed, refined), palm oil or charlock oil. Steel pans, especially at the beginning, need more oil for frying than other types of pans.

During the first attempts for frying on a steel pan, you have to be quite patient. In order to avoid sticking of food, a pan has to undergo a heating up process. It means that steel has to adjust to frying what results in better heat distribution on the surface of a pan. Remember that this process can take quite  a lot of time, but it is necessary.  

Buying a steel pan

When buying a steel pan, pay attention to the following aspects: weight (heavier pans will be more solid), thickness of walls and bottom (if they are too thin, they will get deformed faster), comfortable handles and the quality of steel. The PRESTIGE frying pans are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel which is characterized by its increased resistance to the occurrence of corrosion. In addition, the PRESTIGE frying pans are scratch resistant.

The advantages of steel frying pans:

• Longevity
• Scratch resistance
• Increased resistance to the occurrence of corrosion
•  Compatibility with induction cooker; dishwasher and oven safe