Essentials in the kitchen - black pots

Essentials in the kitchen - black pots

Kitchen – a magic place filled with sweet scents of baking and spicy aromas of Indian food. Cooking creates a real, domestic atmosphere. Unfortunately, preparing meals can become really frustrating and irritating when the kitchen is not equipped with suitable sets of pans, pots and knives. New, functional products will definitely make your cooking easier and more pleasant. Not only are modern accessories practical, but also their design is distinguishable and stylish. Buy pots which become the part of kitchen decoration. Our black pots will absolutely look astonishing on a shelf among jars with aromatic herbs and recipe books.  

Enjoy cooking with the black pots of stainless steel

Sometimes our cooking turns out to be more difficult than we expected. Very often the burnt bottom of a pot or the unsavory taste of your favorite food are not the result of the lack of cooking skills and knowledge. In many cases, the low quality pots and pans are responsible for the culinary failure. To avoid such situations, before buying new kitchen equipment, think about basic and essential accessories which will help you in cooking meals.

High quality pots, even intensively used, will serve you for years. First, important criterion which we should take into account in choosing a perfect set is material used for the production of pots. In the modern kitchen, pots made of steel work well. There are various types of steel, however, the best one is the steel  marked with the symbol 18/10. It means the material has in its composition 18% chromium and 10% nickel. They significantly increase the lifetime of steel, provide anti-corrosion and resistance to scratches.

Pots with a thick, multi-layer bottom guarantee the even heat distribution, and are suitable for every type of a cooker, including an induction cooker. In addition, pots made of stainless steel are very easy to clean. Just put the pots in the dishwasher and it will do the washing up for you. The Gerlach black pots are a perfect example of accessories that combine all the practical features desired in a modern kitchen.

Gerlach black pots – stylish and functional

Not only are the Gerlach black pots practical, but also they are distinguished by their extraordinary design. The outer, varnished coating works perfectly in the kitchen – pots can be intensively used, still looking excellent. Moreover, the Gerlach set can be admired thanks to its elegant, deepest blackness, and glossy, steel handles, which are an impressive and delightful combination.