Ceramic cooker – which pots to choose?

Ceramic cooker – which pots to choose?

Ceramic cookers are practical devices which definitely tone in with the design of minimalistic and modern kitchen. Thanks to ceramics with high mechanical strength, they are distinguished by durability and solidity. It is a frequently chosen because of its quick ability of heating up, and lower price in comparison to induction cookers.

How do ceramic cookers work?

Unlike induction cookers, ceramic stoves do not use induction technology connected with magnetic field (that is why they do not have to have ferromagnetic bottom).
Ceramic cooktops consist of heating elements: usually electric coils, rarely halogenic lamps, which are placed under the ceramic surface. Ceramic cookers conductthe heat perfectly, and work faster than a gas stove. Heating takes place just within the heating fields, the rest of the surface remains cool. As a result, the usage of a ceramic cooker is safe – the risk of burning yourself is low. What is more, ceramic cooker are equipped with the special lock to prevent accidental switching on of the device by a kid. Additionally, cookers possess also touch buttons and timer to help you in every day cooking.

Which pots for ceramic cookers do I need to choose?

Because of the fact that a vessel which is placed on a stove is heated by a direct contact with a cooktop, pots have to have a flat bottom with the same diameter as a heating field. It will allow for the even distribution of heat, and reduce the energy loss during meal preparation. Cooking will be faster, more economic and energy-efficient.

When we buy a ceramic cooker, we should pay attention to the instruction concerning the usage of pots. The Gerlach pots are designed in such a way to make cooking on this type of cookers easier. The Gerlach pots are easily detected by a stove (if we put a pot which is not compatible with ceramic cookers, there is a possibility that the device will not switch on or function properly). In addition, the Gerlach pots are made of high quality stainless steel. It ensures good heat storage and resistance to deformations. Another advantage of stainless steel pots is that they are dishwasher safe.