A set of AMBIENTE Magnetic knives

A set of AMBIENTE Magnetic knives
A set of AMBIENTE Magnetic knives
A set of AMBIENTE Magnetic knives

A set of AMBIENTE Magnetic knives

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Ambiente knives – minimalist design with a little bit of glamour.

A basic knife set is a part of the necessary equipment in every kitchen. The Ambiente line is a combination of functionality and unique design – this set is more than just a classic knife block.

The Ambiente knives come in a knife block set in the form of an oak board with a built-in magnet. The magnet keeps the blades on the board and, at the same time, has a decorative function in the kitchen. Such a method of storing the knives makes them always available when needed.

The Ambiente knives are made entirely of top-quality X30Cr13 stainless steel resistant to corrosion and deformation. The ergonomic handle with a classic design fits the hand perfectly, making the preparation of meals much easier.

To make Gerlach knives look good and last even longer, they should be washed by hand. Washing in a dishwasher, due to the high water temperature and the added chemicals, may permanently damage the blades and handles of the knives.

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The set includes:

  • A chef's knive 8" (20 cm) – a universal knife that is a perfect choice in every situation. It is most often used for cutting meat, vegetables, herbs and many other products.


Ambiente noz szefa kuchni 8


  • A bread knife 8" (20 cm) – a knife with a characteristic serrated edge intended mostly for cutting bread, although it can also be used to cut meat and tomatoes.


Ambiente noz do chleba 8


  • A kitchen knife 8"(20 cm) – a universal knife with a similar function to the chef's knife, but with a narrower blade and smaller tip.


Ambiente noz kuchenny 8


  • A kitchen knife 5" – (12.5 cm) – a universal knife for cutting smaller products.


Ambiente noz kuchenny 5


  • A vegetable knife 3,5" (10 cm) – the smallest knife, used mostly for peeling vegetables.


Ambiente noz do jarzyn 4





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