A quick guide to steam cooking vessels

A quick guide to steam cooking vessels

During summer the sunny days gives us energy to change our lifestyle. We are more eager to get out of the house and to replace the evenings in front of the TV with some physical activity. Hiking, running or cycling sharpen the appetite for more - we take care of our body not only by doing some everyday sport activities but also by enriching our diet. The best method for having a slim figure and keeping fit is to provide ourselves a balanced diet enriched in nutrients and minerals. A steam cooking vessel will definitely help you to start cooking healthy meals and to feel great.

Steam cooking vessel – your friend in keeping fit

Preparing meals  in steam cooking vessels is the basis for the modern, healthy way of cooking. Why? First of all, because the steam cooking is a low calorie and fat-free alternative to unhealthy, caloric food. As a result of traditional way of cooking, food loses valuable minerals and vitamins because of high temperature. Since ages dieticians have been recommending the method of steam cooking for people who want to lose some extra kilos.

Aromatic fish and steamed vegetables are not only healthy, but also they are a tasty alternative for baked, fried and stewed dishes. Steamed products are deliciously aromatic, firm and juicy. They delight with their intense flavor and vibrant colors.

Steam cooking vessels

If you look for a solid steam  cooking vessel, you can find multi-level dishes (so-called steamers) designed just for making steamed meals. However, we recommend the more versatile solution that will be helpful for everyone – a steam cooking vessel which takes up minimum space in a cupboard and, is compatible with pots of various diameters. It is enough to place a steam vessel on a water-filled pot and cover it with a lid. The Gerlach steam cooking vessels are the best way to bring a new quality of eating to your life.

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