A DESIGNER COLLECTION mug by Gabriela Koronowska

A DESIGNER COLLECTION mug by Gabriela Koronowska

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DESIGNER COLLECTION – Gabriela Koronowska – Mug

The limited Designer Collection line is an artistic combination of sophisticated form and the highest quality of bone china with themes from the works of the painter Gabriela Koronowska.

The motifs represent horses and nature, and create a unique example of applied arts.

Designer Collection products make great gifts for lovers of art and design.

Gabriela Koronowska

Gabriela Koronowska uses oil paints, water colours and pastels in her work. The main theme in her art is the harmony between flora and fauna. She loves nature and is passionate about horses, finding inspiration in her surroundings as she runs her stables and tends her garden full of trees, shrubs and flowers in bloom.

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