Your first, minimalistic flat

Your first, minimalistic flat

Getting the first flat is definitely an important moment in the life of a young person. Having place which you can arrange on your own gives a lot of possibilities. However, it is also a great challenge and a lesson of compromises between something what you would love to have and what you can just afford. As cookware experts, we have created a short list and a mini guide of products which are practical but also beautiful.

A set of Ambiente Black knives

The Ambiente Black series is distinguished by high quality stainless steel. Knives are durable, functional and designed with the focus on simple, geometric form. A black block and knives will be perfectly contrast with the bright kitchen space. A unique shape of knives gives the impression of lightness, and the shape of a block in the form of a cuboid is characteristic to solid fugirues in minimalism. A perfect decoration companion for the Ambition Black set is glass, metal, stone or ceramics.

A set of Ambiente Black knives

In the picture: a set of Ambiente Black knives

The Natur frying pan with a ceramic coating

Wood is natural material which is worth of using when arranging house in a minimalistic style. It warms, especially spacious rooms with glass finishing. You can mix wood with stone or concrete to introduce more industrial style to your house.

If you are wondering how to paint the walls in your house, remember that white, beige, grey, delicate pink, gold and black are the must have colors of this season. The interesting and conspicuous accessories can be the Natur black frying pan with a wooden handle. Not only is the contrasting mix of wood and black is the perfect complement of a minimalistic space, but also it is a great help in fast and pleasant cooking thanks to non-stick coating.

A Natur frying pan

In the picture: a Natur frying pan

A set of Form pots

Probably we have already got used to the look of glossy steel pots that are present in many Polish kitchens. However, it is worth considering the non-standard solutions in the house design, especially when arranging your first kitchen. A set of Form pots is a proposition for those who look for original style of kitchen accessories. The set is distinguished by the unusual colors of the dishes - a shade of gray with a delicate red is an element that blends in perfectly with modern, simple interiors.

Why a pot could not be a practical and simple decoration, thanks to which we not only cook the dish quickly, but also which intrigues and catches the eye with its appearance? In minimalistic style, the functionality of a product comes to the fore. The 5-piece set is perfect for singles and couples who do not need a few pots and pans of different sizes, but just look for simple and practical solutions.

In the picture: a set of Form pots