Why should you try the Mediterranean diet?

Why should you try the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is praised for its positive influenece on health - it can reduce the risk of many diseases. What also is great about this diet is that when you serve the Mediterranean food, it makes you feel being on vacation in Greece or Italy. So let's try some wine and feel the spirit of summer!

Fruit, vegetables and wine

The Mediterranean diet is based on fruit and vegetables. By consuming them, you absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the proper functioning of a body. Remember that many vegetables and fruits eaten by the Mediterranean food fans, such as berries, chokeberry, blueberries and cranberries, but also drinking red wine, allow to maintain the vitality for longer. Berries, cranberries or chokeberries have strong antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals, responsible for aging processes and the occurrence of many diseases, including cancer.


For the daily menu, choose fatty fish - mackerel, tuna or salmon - they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can prevent from cardiovascular diseases. 

Olive oil

High-quality olive oil is able to relieve different types of pain - it contains oleocanthal which works in a similar way to painkillers. It helps most effectively when is consumed cold, for example, in salads.

Bread and pasta

Significant elements of the Mediterranean diet are rye bread and wholemeal pasta - a good source of fiber that supports our digestive system. Fiber is responsible for the proper functioning of the intestines and improves their functioning. In addition, it reduces cholesterol absorption, stabilizes blood glucose levels, reduces the risk of cancer, and helps fight obesity.


A tasty and healthy snacks between meals of the Mediterranean cuisine is definitely the mix of dried figs and nuts which are a great source of necessary microelements. They positively affect the working efficiency of the neural system by containing potassium and magnesium which contribute to improving our concentration and memory. In addition, the nutrients included in nuts affect the maintenance of healthy blood vessels, delay aging and, as a consequence, can avoid degenerative diseases of the nervous system.