What should you know about sharping knives?

What should you know about sharping knives?

A sharp knife is a basic tool for preparing food. It guarantees safety, comfort, and precise, fast cutting. Remember knives shouldn’t be sharpened sporadically, but systematically as a way of knife care. Even the most expensive tool, made of high quality materials, will go blunt after months of using, and it will require our attention. 

Which sharpener should I choose?

A 04 knife sharpener 

It is a basic model among the Gerlach sharpeners – practical, safe and easy in using. It is composed of two elements : a dark (sintered steel) and a white (ceramic) element. The first one is used for initial sharpening, the second one for final sharpening. A 04 knife sharpener is a perfect tool for sharpening knives made of stainless steel. All types of knives can be easily sharpened with this tool– a chef knife, a bread knife etc. A sharpener is equipped with an ergonomic, non-slip handle which ensures comfortable and safe usage.

A 04 knife sharpener

In the picture:04 knife sharpener

Knife sharpening rods

Knife sharpening  rods are often used for sharpening professional knives. However, they also prove themselves at home kitchen. Admittedly, they require more experience, but they guarantee more precise sharpening. Models of knife sharpening rods can differ in size, abrasive material and the type of a handle. In the Gerlach offer, you can find three types of sharpeners: a 10”ceramic sharpening rod, a 8” sharpening rod with a steel handle and a 12” metal sharpening rod. Handles are designed in such a way to ensure comfort and safety when using. As a 04 knife sharpener, knife sharpener rods also prove themselves to sharp all kinds of stainless steel knives.

A 10In the picture: a 10" knife sharpening rod

Tips for sharpening knives

  • The angle of the Gerlach knife sharpening is 30 degrees (15 degrees on each side).
  • During sharpening move the hand steadily, lightly pressing a knife to a sharpener. The number of moves should be the same on both sides of the knife. Start from the cutting edge close to a handle, end at the knife tip. 
  • Remember that professional sharpeners go hand in hand with high-quality kitchen knives. Only such a duo offers an excellent sharpness for a long time. 
  • In addition, try to sharpen your knives systematically. Thanks to this, the next sharpening will not be such tiring activity.