Versatile frying pan lid

Versatile frying pan lid
Versatile frying pan lid

Versatile frying pan lid

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Versatile lid – a perfect helper in your kitchen

The high quality versatile frying pan lid will be perfect for cooking and stewing meals. Functional, durable and resistant to high temperatures, it will also be well suited for use in your kitchen.

Detailed description:

The versatile lids made of tempered glass will help you to stew vegetables or cook sauces quickly and easily. They fit the frying pans perfectly, ensuring that they are hermetically sealed, the meal inside is evenly heated and the water does not leak out and thus waste the nutrients. Special vents in the lid release excess steam.

The Silicone, anti-slip Soft Touch handle is stable and does not heat up, even when preparing meals takes longer. 

Available lid sizes:

  • Ø 20 cm
  • Ø 24 cm

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