Timeless elegance of Prime pots

Timeless elegance of Prime pots

This is a set which you don’t want to keep in a cupboard. The rounded shape and elegant black color make the Prime pots so unique. It is a perfect complement to elegant kitchen accessories, which perfectly fits in traditional or minimalist interiors. Prime pots are made of high quality materials that will guarantee durability of vessels for many years.

Timeless elegance and practical solutions

Prime pots have been designed for those who not only appreciate the style of products, but also practical solutions that will simplify cooking.

Pots are made of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel that makes them resistant to corrosion, damage and high temperatures, as well as dishwasher safe.

An aluminium disc built into the three-layer base ensures even heat distribution, which makes it possible to speed up the cooking process and ensure energy savings. Additionally, it enables the pot to be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction. The Prime pots and lids are also suitable for use in the oven at temperatures up to 180°C. Caution! Temperatures above 180°C may cause discolouration.

The fitted tempered glass lids are an integral part of the set of Prime pots. They fit the rim of the vessels perfectly, ensuring that they are hermetically sealed and that water does not leak out with the loss of essential nutrients.

An inner measure helps to measure the liquids to be poured in and the large and comfortable handles of the lids and pots do not heat up, thus ensuring comfortable cooking.

The elements of the set

Prime set consists of three pots of different sizes: a lidded pot Ø 18cm - 2,0l, a lidded pot Ø 20cm - 3,0l and a lidded pot Ø 24cm - 5,0l. Those diversified types of vessels will be definitely a great help in cooking, for example, the smallest pot for heating sauces, the larger for cooking spaghetti, and a 5-liter pot for keeping soup prepared for the whole family.

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