The use of stainless steel pots

The use of stainless steel pots

Below we present the tips how to care for pots. Read the basic rules and enjoy the cooking every day.

How to care for pots?

  • Before the first use, remember to wash up pots with warm water and delicate dishwashing liquid. Then, boil  water inside a pot.
  • After cooking make sure that pots go cold before you wash them up. Never pour cold water into a hot pot.
  • After every use, pots should be washed up with warm water and delicate dishwashing liquid.
  • Don’t use aggressive detergents, sharp brushes, sponges or cloths.
  • Don’t put pots together with products made of silver in the dishwasher.
  • Dry pots thoroughly with a soft cloth after washing up. Use some oil for rubbing it in to create a protective layer.
  • In case of the appearance of white spots on a pot, remove them by the use of citric acid or vinegar. If there are dark spots on a pot, use stainless steel cleaner. Tarnish on a pot is an effect of minerals settling, and it is completely normal situation.

Cooking in pots

  • Remember to put pots in the center of hobs.
  • The size of a pot must fit the size of a hob.
  • If you use a gas cooker, pay attention to the size of flames. They should not touch the walls and handles.
  • Avoid large temperature spikes on a cooker.
  • Never heat up empty pots excessively.
  • Add salt to the boiling water. Putting salt to cold water or empty pots can cause corrosion.
  • Remember that boiling out the content of a pot can damage the vessel.
  • When cooking or heating up dense meals, frequently stir them to avoid burning or damaging pots.
  • Don’t store food in pots.
  • The pots are suitable for oven use at temperatures up to 180°C. Caution! Temperature above 180⁰C may cause the discoloration of pots.