The time of buying Christmas presents

The time of buying Christmas presents

The time of Christmas preparation and shopping marathons has just begun. For most of us, buying presents for family and friends causes some problems. At the beginning, we think that we know our relatives very well but when the moment of choosing gifts comes, it turns out that we have no idea what our parents need, what toys our children dream of, or what dress will appeal to our wife. When buying gifts, we often deal with issues completely unknown to us. We know nothing about culinary, motorization or fashion, and it's hard for us to decide if a product is worth the price. When looking for a unique and unusual gift for loved ones, we recommend the Gerlach cutlery sets in a suitcase or a wooden case, which are practical, beautiful and elegant.

A Christmas present that you will not want to return

Cutlery is a must-have in every house, and it is especially suited as a gift for our relatives who have just moved into a new apartment. If our friends are already set up, do not worry that you would buy a second, unnecessary set of cutlery because it will come in handy when some unexpected guests would appear. Remember that very often our closest friends possess old and incomplete sets, and tasteful cutlery in a case will furbish the collection up.

A set Barok cutleryIn the picture: the set of Barok cutlery

Easy storage

A suitcase or a wooden case is definitely useful in storing cutlery. The tableware is not covered with dust and is protected from scratching. In addition,  the whole set is placed in one box so they are always at hand, and it is harder to lose the elements of a set.

A set of Flames cutleryIn the picture: a set of Flames cutlery

Versatile elements of a set

The Gerlach cutlery in a case consists of 68 elements for twelve people. Remember that the price of the whole set bought once is much lower than when buying some forks and knives separately from time to time. All elements of a set are useful everyday as well as during festive dinners. Sets consist of necessary cutlery: forks, knives, teaspoons, cake forks, a sauce spoon, salad spoon, cake spatula or sugar spoon. Gelach offers the cutlery of traditional or modern, minimalistic line - so there is something here for everyone.

Thanks to 18/10 stainless steel, cutlery will delight with its gloss for long time. In addition, the Gerlach cutlery has a lifetime warranty that certifies the brand’s responsibility in creating high quality products.