The new NATUR products

The new NATUR products

The inspired by nature NATUR line has been extended to the new products – kitchen knives with an oak handle. This is a wonderful proposition for the fans of the traditional but also modern design. The extremely sharp knives will definitely help during cutting juicy fruit or even a grainy, firm Italian cheeses.

The beauty hidden in wood

The oak kitchen knives are sold by the piece or in a set with a block. The line consists of chef knives, bread knives, kitchen knives or vegetables knives. Every type of a knife is suitable for cutting different products and enables really efficient and pleasant work. The chef knife is the most versatile tool of the whole collection. Thanks to a wide blade, it easily cuts steaks and delicate herbs. The bread knife is equipped with special teeth which can cut even the hardest crust. A kitchen knife helps in preparing meat and fish, and a vegetables knife is a master in peeling carrots, celery or parsley. 

The Natur blade is made of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel strengthened with chromium, vanadium and molybdenum, making the products stronger and more resistant to corrosion. They cut through meat, bread, vegetables, fruits and other products efficiently. All knives have an oak handle which ensures the comfortable and safe using, even during very intensive work.

Especially, we recommend the Natur set with a block which helps in storing knives – it prevents from scratching their surface and losing them somewhere in the kitchen. Additionally, a mat block made of oak wood will be surely a beautiful decorations in the kitchen.

The Natur kitchen knivesIn the picture: a set of NATUR knives