Spring in the kitchen

Spring in the kitchen

Spring is the season full of scents, colours, delicious vegetables and fruits which encourage to make culinary experiments. Prepare meals which are served with products that not only look delicious but also contain a dozen of essential nutrients. 

Steaming time with the Prestige set of pots

The Prestige set of pots comprises four pots and a steamer. Steamed vegetables are distinguished by their intense colors and taste. While steaming, minerals, vitamins and fiber are not lost. The fat is not used so meals are light and healthy.

One of the great advantages of steaming is the possibility of preparing almost every kind of food. We especially recommend broccoli, spinach, carrot, pepper, cauliflower and rice, for instance basmati or jasmine rice.

Fish and meat taste also great - after steaming they are really juicy and tender.

To make a really tasty meal, add fresh herbs and enjoy the perfect combination of aromatic meat and tasty vegetables.

Fast cooking with the Gerlach pressure cooker

The Gerlach pressure cookers enable cooking at high temperatures without losing steam which contains vitamins and minerals, and guarantees serving healthy meals.

Pressure cooker reduces the time of cooking what results in smaller consumption of electricity and gas. Meals will be ready faster than by the normal cooking: for instance, potatoes are ready in 7 minutes, broth in 10 minutes and roast beef in 30 minutes.

Once you try cooking in a pressure cooker, you will certainly love it and forget about the traditional way of preparing dishes. Colorful meals with carrots, broccoli, peppers, zucchini and other vegetables will delight even the most sophisticated tastes.