Organising a perfect house party

Organising a perfect house party

Are you going to prepare your first, official dinner for family? Or have you invited workmates for the lunch having no idea what to do next? Below you can find some tricks which will help you to make an unforgettable party.


Set the table

A table is probably the first thing your guests notice when they enter the room. That is why a proper table setting is really important. If the meeting is official, put a white, smoothed tablecloth and elegant cutlery for special occasions. But if you decide to invite just your friends, you can experiment a bit with setting by putting some funny and colorful gadgets or accessories.

The arrangement of tableware

The most crucial task for a host is to organize a party where all guests feel fine and relaxed. By placing plates remember to put them in a way which is comfortable for every person to go for food freely. 

You and your guests

Find a convenient place for yourself during the party. Try not to disturb your guests while shuffling between a living room and the kitchen. You will frequently bring food or take plates, so it will be quite inappropriate to pass by guests all the time. 

Serving meals

As a good start, propose an aperitif for your guests, next, offer them some snatches, crisps and biscuits. For the main course, serve soup and fish or meat dishes, and for a dessert – coffee, tea and a cake. Meals should be placed at the left side of a guest, except from soups and drinks which can be put on the right side.

Set the mood 


Avoid focused light and top lighting. Soft side lighting will create more intimate mood as in a jazz cafeteria or pubs. The floor lamp that gives gentle half-shades will also work well. Additionally, put some candles, with vanilla scent, or color-matched to the table setting.

Gentle strains of music

Music is a necessary element of a well-organized party. Gentle strains of music have positive impact on the party mood, and are a good backing for talking and eating. Before the party make a special playlist which is suitable for the character of a meeting. For official dinner with family, play some calm songs, for instance smooth jazz, while for a house party choose something what jazzes the people up. Remember not to turn up music too much – it will be tiring when your guests start outshouting.

Be kind and helpful to your guests

Your positive attitude favorably influences on the mood of your guests. Try to talk with every person at the party even just for a while, and show your interest in what they speak about. From time to time, ask your friends if they need anything. Make sure that there are enough drinks, food and snatches on a table. Remember that your duty is to make all invited people feel comfy and gladsome.