New Home Gifts

New Home Gifts

When getting an invitation to your friends’ housewarming party, very often you have doubts about choosing a right gift. You want your present to be useful but you are afraid of buying something what your friends don't need. To avoid such a situation, we present some interesting gift ideas. We believe that not only do they help you in every day cooking but also become beautiful design accessories in the kitchen.

Let’s choose the perfect gift for a housewarming party- the Natur cutting board

The Natur double-sided board is made of high quality oak wood that is solid and durable. Thanks to its large surface, the cutting board ensures comfortable cutting of many ingredients simultaneously. What is more, it doesn't blunt the blades of kitchen knives and works great for serving cheese, salami and olive appetizer at the party. The Natur boards are available in two sizes: 30x24 cm and 45x30 cm.

Natur cutting board

The Natur cutting board

A perfect new home gift – the Natur kitchen knives

Another great gift idea is a set of the Natur knives in a block made of high quality oak wood. It consists of various types and sizes of knives that simplify work in the kitchen and allow easy and pleasant preparations of meals. The main features of the product line are perfect sharpness, hardness, precision and reliabiity. The knives are made of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel which increases their durability, and resistance to corrosion. What is more, the handle of the Natur knives is designed in such a way to ensure the maximum comfort during use and to guarantee a secure grip, even in wet hands.

a set of Natur kitchen knives A set of Natur kitchen knives