#letscelebrate - try to find a reason to be happy every day

#letscelebrate - try to find a reason to be happy every day

The recent Gerlach campaign “letscelebrate” encourages to celebrate even small things which happen in life. Did you buy a new dress? Did your daughter get a first tooth? Did you leave work earlier, or has the weekend just begun? Most of us probably claim that those moments are too trivial or even ridiculous to be celebrated. After all, its’ages since people have organized meetings to solemnize important occasions – birthday, anniversary or promotion. Does it really make sense to find new reasons for celebration? We convince you that it does!


Nowadays we work fast and eat junk food. The stress has become our daily companion. Every day we are tired and we have no free time. We worry about health, finance, carrier and family. Obviously, it is not possible to predict or change some events, however something what we can control is the way we think. Unfortunately, most of us have a tendency for negative thinking. We don’t see the bright side of life – all the time we complain about our salary, weather, politicians or our look. Let’s try to quit this habit and notice the positive aspects of our life. It is worth stopping for a momentto think about nice things which happened during the day. Did your child get a good mark? Did you sign in for English classes?  Or did your husband repair a broken washing machine? Start collecting and celebrating those moments! Looking for small things which make you happy have a great impact on your mood and relations with other people.


Celebrating some small, every day successes enable you to change your attitude towards life, and the life itself. Celebration is a great opportunity to be together and improve family bounds. Find some free time to make a delicious dinner for your boyfriend and eat it together. You will spend nice evening on talking and laughing - those moments will help you to slow down a bit, relax and charge batteries for the next days.