Kitchen set GRANITEX

Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX
Kitchen set GRANITEX

Kitchen set GRANITEX

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Granitex cookware with the most durable coating in Gerlach offer

Frying pans and pots with the stone effect ceramic coatings are nowadays the popular trend in cooking. Their design refers to the traditional style, and fits also in the modern, minimalist interiors. The Granitex cookwares would look great on a marble or wooden counter in the kitchen finished with concrete, glass, black or white walls. 


Detailed description:

The Granitex frying pans and pots is made of high-quality forged aluminium with the use of Forged technology (where the cookware is shaped in a press using very high temperature), making it more durable and resistant to deformation.

The aluminium Granitex cookware has one of the best ceramic coatings available on the market: Ilag Xera Dur 2 ® Ceramic Non Stick. It consists of two layers: a top layer of Xerogel with a metallic effect and a ceramic-reinforced base layer with Xerogel to prevent cracking.

The thick, four-ply bottom of the Granitex cookware provides excellent and uniform heat distribution to make cooking easier, quicker and more energy-efficient. The cookwares also has a special Full Induction disc to make it suitable for cooking on induction stoves much more efficiently than ever before. 

Also, Granitex has a non-stick, anti-hot Soft Touch handle to make everyday cooking more pleasant. The pan can be used on all types of stoves: electric, gas, ceramic and, naturally, induction.

The pans and pots are free from any dangerous substances to protect your health and improve your cooking experience. Also, the smooth and impermeable ILAG ceramic coating is easy to clean.


Granitex set of knives - Natural elegance 


The “Granitex” line is proposed for lovers of elegance and originality due to the natural colour of granite - a symbol of durability and solidity. The blades are made of high-quality materials that let one enjoy every moment of daily cooking. A stylish wooden block and an elegant granite coated handle make the knives a perfect complement to the industrial style interior.


Detailed description:

The “Granitex” knives are made of X30Cr13 stainless steel with the addition of chromium, which guarantees the highest quality and corrosion resistance when preparing meals.

The knives have an ergonomic, granite coated stainless steel handle.

The “Granitex” knife set is available with an elegant, varnished beech wood block.

To enjoy the reliability and stylish design of the Gerlach kitchen knives for as long as possible, washing them by hand is recommended. Due to the high water temperature and chemical agents, washing the knives in a dishwasher can lead to permanent damage to the blades and the knife handle. The Gerlach kitchen knives have a 2-year warranty.


04 Knife Sharpener – practical, safe and durable

The 04 Knife Sharpener is the perfect tool for sharpening stainless steel knives.

It is suitable for all types of knife.

The sharpener has an ergonomic, non-slip handle that guarantees comfortable and safe use.


Composition of the set:

  • GRANITEX pot Ø 24 cm
  • GRANITEX pot Ø 28 cm
  • Frying pan deep with ceramic coating  Ø 24 cm
  • Frying pan deep with ceramic coating  Ø 28 cm
  • 04 knife sharpener

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