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Reliable kitchen knives and knife sets

Kitchen knives have a tremendous impact on the everyday work you perform in the kitchen. When preparing dishes, there is a constant need for chopping, slicing, shredding and deboning, which requires the use of sharp and precise tools. Kitchen knife sets brought to you by Gerlach make for complete and reliable equipment which will definitely fulfil the needs and live up to the expectations set not only by professional chefs, but also amateurs who are forever looking for better solutions.

Gerlach’s kitchen knives – precision and safety

Among the products offered by Gerlach, you will be delighted to find individual kitchen knives made of stainless steel, as well as kitchen knives that belong to a certain group, or a block set. Each element of Gerlach’s extensive collection proves that kitchen knives may not only be functional in themselves, but may also bring you delight thanks to their subtle beauty – an incredibly elegant line along with the application of the best materials have borne fruit and given way to the creation of a collection of knives that have been imbued with class and quality of their own. To forge a precise and durable blade, one must use steel of the finest type. As a result, Gerlach’s kitchen knives stand out thanks to their superior hardness and resistance to corrosion. All knives were made of steel with various admixtures, depending on the model: with a tinge of chrome which improves the resistance to corrosion, with a tinge of molybdenum which reduces steel’s brittleness or with a tinge of vanadium which increases the resistance to abrasion. Handles that feature anti-slip and ergonomic properties improve comfort at work, thanks to which all everyday activities performed in the kitchen turn into sheer pleasure. Each set comprises knives of different sizes and blade lengths for specific purposes, which allows you to creatively immerse yourself in boundless culinary passion.

A set of kitchen knives for advanced users

Kitchen knives that come in block sets ensure that all the necessary tools can now be at your fingertips. Moreover, they constitute a stylish detail that renders the kitchen arrangement somewhat classier. A practical and solid block set facilitates storage and ensures that all blades are properly secured. The handles have been made from a Soft Touch type anti-slip material, steel or a moisture resistant pakka wood. Fine workmanship, reliable materials and an elegant finish have all contributed to Gerlach’s position as a market leader in kitchen knives, both in professional and household kitchens, leaving the competition far behind.


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