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Kitchen accessories – irreplaceable helpers in your kitchen every single day

Kitchen accessories are inseparable elements of kitchen equipment, which provide priceless help by ensuring exceptional comfort and shortening meal preparation time. All of Gerlach’s accessories have been carefully designed and manufactured with intense use in mind. They are exceptionally functional and easy to operate. They stand out thanks to their stylish design that will definitely harmonise with both modern and traditional decors of the kitchen and the dining room.

Kitchen accessories – the Nature line

Nature is an exceptional line inspired by the nature that surrounds us. It is intended for people who appreciate simple and modern design as well as comfortable and practical kitchen solutions. Products from the Nature line include elements made of high-grade beech wood or are entirely made of wood. They are also equipped with silicone elements that are particularly well-suited for use in the kitchen and are easy to care for day by day.

Scissors, poultry shears and sharpeners – perfect sharpness is fundamental

In the kitchen, you will definitely need plenty of precision and sharp accessories, such as scissors or poultry shears, all of which have been created for the purpose of coping with exceptionally difficult tasks. The appropriately profiled grips do not cause any fatigue to your hands, and stainless steel makes the products durable and resistant to corrosion. Our scissors have been designed so as to enable blade pressure adjustment and disassembly for thorough cleaning. Our poultry shears are equipped with a safe lock system that prevents accidental opening. The range of kitchen accessories offered by Gerlach also includes sharpeners, thanks to which you will get appropriately sharpened knives quickly and safely, and you will also be able to cut vegetables, chop herbs or prepare sushi without undue stress.

Designer Collection – highest-quality and elegant porcelain

The Designer Collection brings you exceptional Gerlach porcelain in decorative packaging, which artistically combines the noble form and the highest quality of Bone China with motifs taken from artworks by the painters Beata Murawska, Gabriela Koronowska and Mikołaj Kasprzyk. The works will impress you with a variety of colours, diversity and imagination, thus making your everyday cup of tea an unforgettable moment of blissful pleasure.


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