How to use and wash ceramic frying pans?

How to use and wash ceramic frying pans?

Ceramic frying pans – aluminum, steel and cast iron pans with ceramic coatings are a great help in preparing delicious meals under the condition that we care for them properly. The everyday care enables longtime usage of cookware, so that plump pancakes, aromatic meat and crispy potatoes will be simple and easy to do.

What should you do before the first use of a pan?

Before the first use wash a frying pan with warm water, dishwashing soap, and dry it with a soft cloth. Next, heat it up for 30 seconds, take a pan and pour a spoon of oil. Then spread oil on the whole surface of  vessel. Repeating the treatment every two months will guarantee the increased durability of a pan.

How to fry on a ceramic pan?

Some people claim frying with no fat is possible. We strongly disagree with the statement – no fat during frying leads to overheating of a pan. As a result a vessel loses its properties. Adding fat is essential, even small doses guarantee a proper protection. Try to fry in low or middle temperature in order to prevent a pan from overheating, overburning or making food underdone. In case of gas cookers, remember to adjust a flame properly. If the flame touches the walls of a pan, it can damage handles, and cause the discoloration of the outer side. For stirring, use wooden or silicone kitchen accessories which do not scratch a pan.

How to wash a frying pan?

Avoid washing a pan in a dishwasher. Aggressive detergents used in dishwashers can damage a coating. Moreover, frying pans with wooden elements (for example, a wooden handle) are not dishwasher safe: wood blunts, it soaks water, and finally breaks. To preserve the good condition and functionality of a pan, wash it by hands. To wash a pan after frying, wait until a pan cools off. For cleaning, use warm water, dishwashing soap and a soft cloth. You can soak burnt or dried food rests – it will be easier to remove them later. Don’t scratch a pan. Always remember about drying a pan with a soft cloth. It will prevent from appearing of some stains on the surface.

How to store ceramic frying pans?

The knowledge of proper washing but also storing pans is equally important. When you put pans to a cupboard, avoid placing them on each other. It will damage a coating. However, if you have to store cookware in that way, take some special, soft pads which prevent from scratching a coating.