How to use and care for grill frying pans?

How to use and care for grill frying pans?

We associate grilling with summer evenings, sunny weather and the time spent outdoor with friends and family. Thanks to grill frying pans, we have the possibility to prolong that pleasure of preparing juicy steaks and grilled vegetables even for winter afternoons. To make grilling pleasant and successful, remember about a few rules concerning the proper use and care for cookware.

Why does a grill frying pan is worth buying?

Grilling, steaming, and cooking in a pressure cooker guarantee the most healthy way of preparing meals. You don’t need to add oil. Food does not stick to a pan thanks to a special coating.  The corrugated grilling surface ensures the efficient draining of oil or fat, and makes the meals look like they have been cooked on a traditional barbecue. Moreover, they also taste fantastic – they are tender and juicy. A thick base of grill pans ensures even heat distribution, so it means you can have energy-efficient frying at your fingertips. Finally, most of frying pans can be used on all types of cooker: electric, ceramic, gas and induction stoves.

What to cook on grill frying pans?

Grilling is a great idea for healthy and tasty dishes without fat and calories. Have you ever thought about the right frying pan for you? Depending on the type of food to be grilled, the choice of a vessel can vary. Cast iron frying pans are perfect for the fans of meat meals, especially beef and pork which need more time to become really tender. Those who love to grill chicken or vegetables will be satisfied with aluminum frying pans which heat up incredibly fast. Fish and seafood will be delicious when grilled on a steel frying pan.

How to fry and care for grill pans?

A proper care of frying pans, especially those with coatings, is really crucial when we want to enjoy using our cookware for a long time. Before you start grilling, read carefully the pan instruction. For instance, cast iron frying pans need a special impregnation, steel frying pans have to be quenched. If not, grilling will finish with a burnt food and frying pan. Aluminum pans, especially those with coatings, require certain precautions in order to keep them in a good condition for many years. Don’t use sharp, metal kitchen accessories for stirring, scooping and dishing out the various ingredients used to prepare delicious meals. Wooden or silicone paddles and spoons will not damage the coating of a pan. When washing, use warm water, cleaning liquid and a soft cloth. For storing cookware, buy special pads which prevent from scratching each other.