How to lay out a table properly?

How to lay out a table properly?

A proper table setting adds an elegance and glamour to our dining. Below you can find some useful information about the proper table setting which will make even an everyday meal a real feast.

 Setting the table 

The first important rule is that cutlery should be placed from the inner to the outer side of a plate – cutlery for a meal which will be served firstly should be put on the outside. On the right side, put (depending on the menu) a dinner knife, a fish knife, a snack knife and a spoon, and on the left side, a dinner fork, a fish fork and a snack fork.

The blade of a dinner knife should point a plate. Dessert cutlery is placed above a plate – put a dessert fork with its tines pointing to the right, and above a dessert fork, place a teaspoon pointing to the left.

 On the top left of a plate, place a bread basket and a butter knife. To the right of a plate, put a water or wine glass.

The perfect table setting is set in the middle of the given space for a guest. The distance of 80 cm should be kept between place settings in order to provide enough space and comfort for guests. Remember that the bottoms of the utensils and the plate should all be level.