How to care for stainless steel pots?

How to care for stainless steel pots?

A set of high quality stainless steel pots is a basic cookware in the kitchen. Because we use it every day, it is crucial to care for them properly. Read the article and find some helpful tricks to keep your pots functional, new and glossy.

Before the first use 

Wash a pot with warm water and cleaning liquid, then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. It is good to put some olive oil on the surface of a pot as a protective layer. Before cooking put a pot in the middle of a hob. Never heat up empty pots excessively. Add salt to a pot when water starts boiling. As a result of putting salt to cold water or to an empty pot, some stains can appear on the surface.  

How to use stainless steel pots?

In order to heat up a pot, turn a knob to a higher heat setting. When a pot is warm, reduce the power a little bit. Don’t overheat a vessel - it can destroy ceramic coating, or in case of stainless steel, it can cause the discoloring. Avoid the temperature spikes. When you cook some thick sauce, set the temperature steadily, and stir it frequently. Be careful with moving a hot and heavy vessel. While lifting it up, hold handles firmly and use kitchen mittens. Remember that using gas ovens particularly demands your attention. Adjust the flame to the diameter of a pot. The flame should not reach the walls of  a pot. In other case, it will cause the discoloration of stainless steel and the damage of handles. Always use wooden, plastic or silicone kitchen accessories which are suitable for this type of cookware.

How to wash stainless steel pots?

In order to keep pots in a good condition, after each use wash them with warm water, dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. Don’t buy any caustic agents, kitchen scrapers and wire brushes - they can destroy the surface of a pot. To keep your pots free from stains, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth after each washing. However, in case of stainless steel pots, sometimes colorful stains can appeared on the pot bottom right after cooking. It is not a manufacture defect, but the effect of the depositions of minerals contained in water. Stains are not harmful - you can easily remove them with water, and vinegar or citrine acid (bright spots), or stainless steel cleaner (dark spots). After washing thoroughly rinse a pot under warm water, and dry it. Store your pots in such a way that the bottoms are not marked or damaged by other pots.

Gerlach pots for any kind of cookers

Stainless steel pots, or aluminum pots with ceramic coating can be used on all types of cookers. Especially, be careful with a ceramic cooker. When you use it, make sure that the bottom of a pot, or a hob, are not dirty. Even tiny crumbs can damage ceramic hobs.

Stainless steel pots and ovens

Steel pots are suitable for using them in the oven below 180⁰C. If the temperature exceeds 180⁰C, some discoloration may occur. Remember that pots are made for cooking, not for the storage of food.