Grass Shears

Grass Shears
Grass Shears

Grass Shears

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The perfect cut lawn care

A beautiful lawn requires a lot of work, time, but also good tools. With Gerlach grass shears, the hours spent on lawn care will be much more pleasant.

Detailed description:

Gerlach shears are made of stainless steel CrMoV which is an extremely durable and easy to clean material. In addition, it provides exceptional sharpness for many years of use.

The blade is coated with a PTFE layer which minimizes the friction during cutting.

The Full Cut option used in the shear blade enables a strong, precise cut across the entire length of the blade.

The blade has the 360 ​​° rotation ability so it allows to work at any angle.

The grass shears are equipped with a secure grip that protects fingers against injuries, and the Security System – a one hand lock.

The Soft Touch handle guarantees safety, comfort of work and better gripping.

The shears are light - working with the tool does not tire hands fast.

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