GRANITEX pot 28 cm


GRANITEX pot 28 cm

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Granitex pot – a designer helper in your kitchen

Pots with a stone-effect can be the outstanding decoration of kitchen. They will win the hearts of fans delighted by extraordinary design solutions, as well as those who appreciate functionality and innovativeness. High quality and durability are the main attributes of the Granitex line that guarantees safe and healthy cooking for many years.

Detailed description:

The aluminum roasting pan is covered with one of the best coatings - ILAG Granitec. It is the most durable coating applied in the Gerlach cookware, and it composed of four layers: an aluminum layer, two layers of ceramic reinforcement and a stone effect layer. Thanks to them, a coating is resistant to abrasion, high temperature and corrosion. It is incredibly hard, durable and safe for your health. And what is probably the most crucial – it guarantees the food does not stick to the surface so frying is really easy.

The thick base with a built-in ferromagnetic disc ensures long-term functionality and even heat distribution, making frying more energy-efficient. An important characteristic is using the full potential of induction hobs, thanks to a thick base with a built-in aluminium disc for induction (Full Induction technology) that allows for quicker meal preparation. Moreover, the frying pan can be used on all types of cookers: gas cookers, electric cookers, ceramic cookers and induction cookers.

The high quality tempered glass in the lid is durable and resistant to high temperatures. The silicone rim of the lid guarantees its perfect suitability to cookware. The lid is equipped with vents that release excess steam.

Handles provide safety during us.

 The Granitex cookware is lightweight – you will be impressed how easily you can lift it up.

Available pot sizes:

  • 28 cm – 4,4l

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