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Granitex kettle

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Granitex kettle – original design referring to natural stone

The Granitex kettle stands out from other models with its unique design. Although it is made of stainless steel, its color is very similar to granite. This special coating makes this model a very decorative element, especially in minimalist kitchens with an industrial, loft decor.

Thanks to the usage of stainless steel, the kettle is more durable, resistant to high temperatures and damages. When using the Granitex model, you can safely grab its handle, because it does not heat up under the influence of temperature and does not cause burns.

Kettle has a specially designed, three-layer capsulated bottom. It has a built-in aluminum disk, thanks to which the problem that often occurs in this type of kettles, which is the bottom deforming after some time of use, has been eliminated. What's more, the capsule coating helps to distribute the heat more evenly in the kettle, which translates into faster boiling of the water and lower energy consumption.


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