Gifts for housewarming party

Gifts for housewarming party

Everyone who moves into a new apartment knows how many things are needed at home at the beginning, especially in the kitchen. When buying a gift for friends on a housewarming party, it is worth choosing something practical and classy. Among many Gerlach’s products, we recommend sets of high-quality pots, pans, kitchen knives and cutlery - all of them make cooking definitely easier.

A set of Superior pots

Time spent on cooking and eating together is a very important element in creating bounds between people. If you dream about easy cooking, we recommend you to buy a set of Superior pots. The vessels are made of 18/10 stainless steel that makes them resistant to high temperatures and scratches, as well as dishwasher safe. A three layer bottom with a built-in aluminium disc allows excellent heat distribution and storage. Additionally, it enables the pot to be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction. The pots are also suitable for oven use at temperatures up to 200°C (lids up to 180°C). The Superior line is equipped with the tempered glass lids, the ventilation holes, the large and convenient handles, a silicone pad, the inner measure, a special funnel and two types of strainers in a lid.

A set of Superior PotsIn the picture: a set of Superior pots

A grill frying pan Natur

All Natur products are a perfect proposition of gifts. For frying, we recommend the Natur grill frying pan as the right choice for anyone who appreciates low-calorie dishes, functionality, high quality and design that stands out among other products. Why is it worth buying the Gerlach grill frying pan? Because steaming, cooking in a pressure cooker and grilling are the healthiest forms of food preparation - it does not require adding oil. Don’t worry, the food will not stick to a pan thanks to the special non-stick ILAG ® Non-Stick Ceramic coating.

The corrugated surface keeps the fat so the meat does not absorb it. In addition, special grooves gives the look of classic grilled food. The dishes look and taste delicious – they are delicate and juicy.

A thick bottom with a built-in aluminum disc evenly distributes heat on the surface and storage it for a long time. It influences on lower energy consumption and the perfect grilling of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

The Natur pans are suitable for use on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction cookers. The vessels are characterized by high resistance to high temperatures, deformations and scratches. They are produced from the highest quality materials that are safe for health, even during long and intensive frying.

A Natur grill frying panIn the picture: a Natur grill frying pan