Gifts for Grandma

Gifts for Grandma

Finding a perfect present for our grandmother can turn out to be really challenging. But don’t give up – she deserves an original, elegant and practical gift. Our proposition is the set of the Gerlach smart cutlery.

A present for the Grandmother’s Day - The set of Symfonia cutlery 

Very often our grandmothers have the cutlery sets that have been used intensively for many years. They are scratched, rusty or do not shine anymore. The decision of buying a new set of cutlery is frequently postponed by our grandmothers because of its high price. Therefore, it will be even better to purchase knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons for her. The present will surely please every hostess. 

The Symfonia series is a classic Gerlach cutlery line. It is distinguished by its unique shape and design. It is a symbol of elegance and good taste. It will be definitely a main element of table setting which impresses with its beauty and gloss. In the 24-element Symfonia set, we will find high-quality cutlery with a lifetime guarantee, made of 18/10 stainless steel, packed in an elegant gift box.

The Symfonia cutleryIn the picture: the Symfonia cutlery

The grandmother's birthday gift – Retro cutlery in a wooden case

Grandma's birthday is an undoubtedly  important occasion that needs a special setting and a unique gift. We propose to capture this moment with something unusual–the Retro cutlery in a wooden case. The Retro cutlery is dedicated to admirers of the classics, and the style of past years - that is our grandmothers’. The elements of the Retro set are massive, their solid weight is clearly felt in the hand, and the precise balance ensures the comfort of eating. In addition, the cutlery is made of 18/10 stainless steel, has a lifetime warranty and is packed in a beautiful case of high quality walnut tree, thanks to which the whole set is perfectly suited as a gift. In the Retro set you will find all the most-needed types of cutlery such as: a salad fork and spoon, cake forks, or a cake spatula.

The Retro cutleryIn the picture: the Retro cutlery