A precise cutting with Gerlach garden tools

The garden requires a lot of work that is why Gerlach has created garden tools that definitely facilitate the basic duties of every gardener. The tools have been designed in such a way that even the long-term work in the garden can give a lot of satisfaction.

The Gerlach shears, loppers and pruners ensure a comfortable and precise cutting thanks to a lightweight construction and an extremely sharp blade made of stainless steel. The Gerlach tools are handy and reliable ensuring safety during every cut. What is important, they are perfect not only for beginners but also for experienced gardeners.

Loppers and pruners

Gerlach offers anvil and bypass loppers or pruners which are available as one-handed and two-handed tools. The tools with an anvil blade are helpful  in cutting dry and hard branches because to cut them a great force is needed. Bypass loppers and pruners are perfect for cutting fresh and young branches of trees and bushes. If you want to prune small plants, you can use a one-hand pruner, whereas for cutting larger trees and shrubs, you need a two-hand lopper. All Gerlach loppers and pruners are distinguished by their comfortable, non-slip grips, lightness and high quality blades which remain sharp for a long time.


The Gerlach offers grass shears and hedge shears with sharp blades. The blades are made of stainless steel which is durable and provides long-term sharpness. In addition, the Gerlach tools are provided with a non-slip and light grip, an additional layer with a PTFE coating on the blade which minimizes friction during cutting. Grass cutters are characterized by a great precision when cutting thanks to a special long and narrow blade with the Full Cut option, and the ability to rotate the blade by 360 degrees. A great advantage of the hedge shears is the steel gear mechanism which increases the cutting force, and the Anti Shock system which absorbs shocks during work.


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