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Professional steel and ceramic frying pans

Even advanced culinary skills are not enough when it comes to charming refined and delightful dishes out of your food ingredients. Apart from talent and desire, vital components of the recipe for success in the kitchen are the appropriate kitchen vessels, among which frying pans are crucial. We offer you reliable steel and ceramic frying pans that will form the basis for the preparation of every meal. In addition, a decent grill pan will considerably broaden the range of possibilities and whet your appetite for creative and delicious experiments.

Gerlach’s steel frying pans

Gerlach’s resistant and durable steel pans are the essence of timeless functionality. A frying pan made of 18/10 steel of the finest type heats up quickly and evenly, thanks to which the meal you are preparing is subjected to optimum heat treatment from every side. The elegant and glossy coating is resistant to scratches and deformations. An additional advantage of a frying pan made of high-grade steel is that it is exceptionally convenient to use – it is enough to load your grimy frying pan into the dishwasher, as there is no need for soaking or bothersome scrubbing.

Gerlach’s ceramic frying pans

Modern and lightweight ceramic frying pans will be to the liking of people who appreciate innovative solutions. The inside of the aluminium structure is covered with a layer of non-stick ceramic coating. Cooking on ceramic frying pans is sheer pleasure – meals do not burn and do not stick to the bottom of the pan, and cleaning proves unusually simple. Moreover, an aluminium disc built into the three-layer base ensures even heat distribution, which makes it possible to speed up the cooking process and ensure energy savings. The range of available models includes not only standard pans with different sizes, but also the practical deep frying pans.

Gerlach’s grill pans

Grilled meat, fish or vegetables have never been so flavoursome and tasty! Grill pans let you get the richest taste out of seemingly ordinary products. The non-stick and abrasionresistant coating, the ergonomic handle and the base that enables energysaving frying are the greatest advantages of modern grill pans.


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