Elegance and the modern style - Prime pots

Elegance and the modern style - Prime pots

One of the new Gerlach product is a set of the elegant Prime pots. The rounded shape and black color create the unique design of Prime pots. This is an extraordinary complement to the kitchen collection, in a sophisticated style, which perfectly fits in both traditional and modern interiors. The high quality materials the Prime pots were made of will make this set an inseparable piece of equipment for a really long time, effectively presenting itself on a countertop, table or kitchen shelves.

Timeless elegance and practical solutions

The Prime pots have been designed for those who not only appreciate the design of products but also look for practical solutions that will simplify cooking.

All pots are made of the high quality 18/10 stainless steel that makes them exceptionally resistant to damage, corrosion and high temperatures, as well as dishwasher safe.

The next important aspect to mention is the three layer bottom with a built-in aluminium disc which provides even heat distribution together with storage. Thanks to this functionality, cooking becomes faster and more energy-efficient. Additionally, it enables the pot to be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction.

Every pot is equipped with fitted tempered glass lids that fit the rim of the vessels perfectly, ensuring that they are hermetically sealed, the meal inside is evenly heated and water does not leak out with the loss of essential nutrients.

Other practical solutions are the inner measure for the easy and quick measurement of the liquids to be poured in and large handles that ensure comfortable use.

The elements of the Prime set

The Prime set consists of three pots of different size and capacity: a pot with lid Ø 18cm - 2.0l, a pot with lid Ø 20cm - 3,0l, a pot with lid Ø 24cm - 5,0l. They will be an invaluable help when cooking every day and for special occasions. The smallest pot is useful when heating sauces, the larger one is perfect for cooking spaghetti and a 5.0 l pot for keeping soup for whole family.