Cutting boards – let’s buy a perfect one

Cutting boards – let’s buy a perfect one

Every chef knows that a cutting board and the set of sharp knives are the necessary accessories in the kitchen. Preparing meals without them is just impossible. It is worth having several cutting boards intended for various products – raw meat, fish, vegetables or bread. Which kind of cutting boards will be the most suitable for your needs – a plastic, glass or a wooden one?

Glass and plastic cutting boards

Majority of available cutting boards made of plastic have very thin surface. As a result, they can be easily scratched by a knife. What is more, plastic does not have natural antiseptic properties, so it becomes a perfect environment for a development of dangerous bacteria, which have a contact with our food. Disinfection of cutting board is very problematic – plastic isn’t a good thermal conductor and doesn’t reach an adequate temperature to kill bacteria.

It can be said that a glass cutting board is a perfect product. It is hygienic, easy in cleaning, and it doesn’t absorb water. In spite of many advantages, a glass cutting board can turn out to be very impractical. Firstly, a contact between a knife and the glass surface of a board can negatively influence on a knife blade which will blunt quickly. Secondly, glass is fragile material, so a cutting board will probably crush into small pieces after falling down from the table.

Wooden cutting boards – satisfaction and solidity

Taking into account all aforementioned arguments, we should consider buying a traditional, wooden cutting board. In spite of new types of cutting boards appearing on the market, those made of wood are still the best choice. One of the great advantages of wooden cutting boards is their natural bactericidal properties. Moreover, they don’t blunt knife blades. Scratches, which appeared after cutting, have the ability to close up quickly. The most popular are models of oak wood which is distinguished by its solidity and toughness. Those cutting boards which are made of good quality wood, look very elegant. They can be used as a decoration when serving a meal. The composition of cheese and grapes on a wooden cutting board placed in the middle of the table will definitely delight your guests.