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Elegant cutlery and cutlery sets

In Gerlach’s vast collection of cutlery you will easily find models that follow a more traditional, timeless fashion as well as simple and modern elements with a matt finish, ideally integrated with the fashionable minimalist style. All pieces of cutlery along with cutlery sets are available at our online shop and come with a lifetime warranty as they have been made from the finest 18/10 type stainless steel, thanks to which you will find yourself enraptured by their flawless looks for years to come. The quality that comes in tandem with absolute precision in its workmanship has not gone unnoticed on the European markets, evidence of which can be seen in all the prestigious awards and distinctions that were received along the way.

Gerlach’s cutlery – the art of serving

A stylistically laid table will always constitute the best setting for lavish courses and will be a complement to the culinary celebration of all the important moments. Cutlery constitutes a key element that has always had a great impact on the ease of consumption as well as the aesthetics at the dinner table. We take a great pleasure in offering you exquisite cutlery sets which will render your all meals even more enjoyable as they will create an atmosphere of luxury in your homes, just like in the best restaurants. Thanks to a long tradition that dates back to the 18th century, together with passion that has long been developed, every single element of Gerlach’s collection of cutlery was prepared to perfection in terms of both pattern-designing and functionality.

Cutlery sets for special occasions

Be it a wedding reception or a house-warming party, all such occasions should be appropriately celebrated. Gerlach’s cutlery will make for a splendid present at all times, a present that will both enrapture and touch people you hold dear. Gerlach offers not only complex twelve-person sets but also smaller sets for six people that consist of six spoons, forks, knives and teaspoons, and could be freely extended by means of other pieces and elements in the future.


Featured products

Stop thinking about cooking as a daily routine! Check our products which will make your cooking exciting and undeniably easier. Preparing meals will become a jolly moment shared with people you care about most.