Cutlery as a perfect gift

Cutlery as a perfect gift

Housewarming party or anniversary are just some of many occasions for giving a unique gift for our friends and family. When looking for a stylish gift, we want to express our love, respect and support for them. Gerlach cutlery, which is well known in the minds of Polish consumers, comes with the help.

Cutlery in a case, wooden case or decorative packing?

Depending on an occasion, there are many luxurious Gerlach products to choose for a present. Cutlery  in a case is a great wedding gift. The gorgeous set Muza for twelve people which consists of 68 elements can be even more extraordinary by adding a personalized engraving - this kind of present will satisfy even the most demanding ones. The Gerlach cutlery is made with scrupulousness and precision. It is a product made of 18/10 stainless steel with lifetime warranty which testify its durability and solidity.

The Muza cutlery setIn the picture: the Muza cutlery set

A set of Virga cutlery in a wooden case is an original gift for the silver or gold anniversary. The appropriate weight of cutlery increases the comfort of use, and the refined and elegant look will be a perfect table decoration for the special occasions.

How to express admiration and gratitude for those who have made every effort over the years to create a real home for us? A smart chestnut wood case is a stylish complement to the beautiful and practical 68 element set.

The Virga cutlery set

In the picture: the Virga cutlery set

When choosing a gift for our friends’ housewarming party, it is worth thinking about a present, that will reflects a youthful spirit of a new flat. The fashionable, geometric Deco cutlery will perfectly complements the avant-garde interiors created by people who value uniqueness and individuality. Moreover, a glossy finishing will give a special character to the beating heart of the house. The 24-piece set is fantastic for intimate meetings with your closest friends as well as during evenings for two. 

The safety of Gerlach products has been confirmed by the National Institute of Hygiene.

The Deco cutlery set

In the picture: the Deco cutlery set