Contrast Procoat pans - solidity and durability

Contrast Procoat pans  - solidity and durability

A deep frying pan with a ceramic coating Contrast Procoat allows for stewing and frying various meats, fish and vegetables, adding sauces and creating original multi-ingredient dishes. It is also perfect for preparing Chinese food. The Contrast Procoat line is characterized by an unrivaled Ilag Xera Dur ® Non Stick coating that makes it easy to cook with little amount of fat even at high temperatures. The ceramic coating is exceptionally hard, and additionally, thanks to the used technologies, Contrast Procoat frying pans are resistant to high temperatures and abrasion, and the internal coating prevents sticking. All pans have a full induction bottom ensuring faster preparation of dishes on induction cookers.

Deep CONTRAST PROCOAT frying pan for special tasks

The special Ilag Xera Dur ® ceramic non-stick coating will ensure easy meal preparation, without worrying about burning your favourite meal. Thanks to the Xerogel ® technology used in the coatings, the Contrast Procoat deep frying pan is durable and abrasion resistant. It is a perfect product for those who cook often and value quality, solidity and durability. The aluminium frying pans are safe for cooking as they are not made of harmful materials. Moreover, the Contrast Procoat deep frying pans with ceramic coating stand out thanks to the ease with which they can be cleaned.

Patelnia posiada grube dno, które zapewnia perfekcyjną i równomierną dystrybucję ciepła oraz gwarantuje, że linia Contrast Procoat jest odpowiednia do wszystkich rodzajów kuchenek.

The frying pan has a thick bottom that ensures perfect and even heat distribution and guarantees that the Contrast Procoat line is suitable for all types of cookers.

An important characteristic is its use of the full potential of induction hobs, thanks to a thick base with a built-in aluminium disc for induction (Full Induction technology) that allows for quicker meal preparation.

Thanks to the anti-slip and ergonomic Soft Touch handle holding a pan is stable and secure in wet hands.

There are two available depth variants of the frying pan: traditional frying pans in three sizes and deep frying pans in two sizes.