Christmas Eve- time for eating fish!

Christmas Eve- time for eating fish!

Christmas is coming! Soon we will start Christmas cleaning, shops will be filled with people who are looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, and the sweet smell of baked gingerbreads will be spreading everywhere in our apartments. Among typical Polish Christmas dishes, a carp is the king of  the table. Unfortunately, there is a large group of people who just eat fish occasionally and have no idea how to use fish cutlery properly. Moreover, fish dishes are claimed to be quite problematic in eating because of fish bones. If you are concerned about your savoir vivre skills, read our article as a help.

Fish cutlery

Some people still claims wrongly that fish should be eaten by two forks. This way of thinking probably comes from the time of the Polish People's Republic when the majority of cutlery sets were out of stock. Currently, according to savoir vivre, removing the skin and meat with a fork is inappropriate. Depending on the type of meals, the fish can be eaten with a classic knife and fork, or special fish cutlery. Fish cutlery consists of four-tined fork and a knife which looks like a butter knife – it is blunt and is not used for cutting but for separating the meat from fish bones.

Fish served as a fillet

If fish is served as a fillet (fish without fish bones), don’t use two forks. A fillet can be easily eaten with a classic fork, and a knife which helps in putting food on a fork. Fish must be separated with a knife – remember not to cut a fish with a knife. 

Eating fish

It is definitely more difficult to eat a dish which requires some skills and knowledge. Eating fish with bones belongs to one of those problematic meals. In this case, we are obliged to use special fish cutlery. Start eating fish by removing fins, cutting fish along the back and removing the skin. Some rests should be placed on a special, small plate. Never leave the rests on your plate on which you are eating. The next step is to separate the parts of fish, and eat it. Once it is finished, remove a head and spine with a fish knife, and relish the tender taste of fresh fish.

Fish snacks

Fish is one of the symbols of Christmas cuisine in Poland. That is why not only is carp served for the Christmas dinner, but also herring in cream sauce. Remember that it is allowed to eat it with a classic or snack fork.