Christening gifts for boys and girls

Christening gifts for boys and girls

We often have many doubts when choosing a gift for christening. Is it better to give money or a present? And if you decide to make a gift, should you buy something practical or something that will remind of this special day over the years? Think about a gift which is functional and will also be the reminder of christening at the same time.

A christening gift for a boy - Bon Ton Pieski

Gerlach offers classic cutlery for adults and happy sets for children. The Bon Ton Pieski is an excellent christening present for a boy, with a funny graphic of dogs. The joyful design will make every day eating more enjoyable. In addition, The Bon Ton cutlery has been packed in a nice, blue gift box – it will definitely make every kid smile. Cutlery was designed with the great care and attention to details, so that eating a meal with a knife or fork by children is definitely safe. The Bon Ton Pieski line is made of 18/10 stainless steel, so that all elements can be washed in dishwashers, and additionally, it has a lifetime warranty that certifies the Gerlach's responsibility in creating high quality products.

Bon Ton PieskiIn the picture: Bon Ton Pieski

A christening present for a girl - Bon Ton Kotki

The Bon Ton line is also dedicated for girls. Cutlery with a delicate engraving of kittens will surely appeal to every little lady. The set includes a spoon, fork, knife and tea spoon. All elements of the line are made of 18/10 stainless steel that is why they can be washed in dishwashers. Thanks to the ideal weight and the size of cutlery, a child can easily eat every meal, and the finishing of knives and forks guarantees the safe use. The cutlery for a girl is packed in a pink gift box with the image of cats. An additional advantage is the lifetime warranty provided by Gerlach which proves our commitment in creating high quality products.

Bon Ton KotkiIn the picture: Bon Ton Kotki

Engraved cutlery

To make a gift even more special, think about a unique engraving with name, date or dedication on cutlery. It will remind about the first important and joyful moments of the toddler’s life. 

The engraved cutleryIn the picture: Pychotki

A birthday gift

Cutlery is a perfect gift for the christening or the child’s birth. If you want to give a present which will be a beautiful reminder of this joyful event, we recommend the Gerlach cutlery sets for children. Not only will it be a great help in eating, but also an engraved date or name will bring back fantastic memories from the past.